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Does Your Baby Have Colic? PLUS 6 Amazing Tips to Help Soothe Your Baby.

One of the biggest questions of new parents, and even experienced parents, “Does my baby just have colic or is there some other underlying issue?” What are the signs of colic? Excessive crying, that sounds as if they are in pain, for hours a day. A bloated stomach. Clenching their fits. Pulling their legs to …

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Ultimate Guide to What All Those Online Mommy Abbreviations Mean?

We see all these abbreviations and if you are first time mom, or just a mom that hasn’t been involved in the online mommy presence, this list is for you. Sometimes, you jump in the middle of a mommy war and just get confused on what they are all saying and fighting about. Well, now …

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My Bed Routine with Baby… PLUS Dinner as a Dairy-Free Exclusive Pumping Mom.

Babies need a good routine before bed. I am the perfect example of this. I think the routine is a life saver. My evenings are so easy (well now that I’m dairy free) it’s unfair. I’m actually kind of nervous to even admit that to the universe, because I’m not known to have a good …

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7 Signs You Have a Baby With Infant Reflux, PLUS 3 Tips and Tricks for Relief.

I have recently joined the bandwagon of moms with a baby with “infant acid reflux”, GER, or GERD as some call it. I don’t quite consider it a disease unless it’s a permanent thing. I myself have GERD, and since babies grow out of it, I guess I won’t be calling it a disease. It’s …

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7 Ways to Master Being an Exclusive Breast Pumping Mom.

Don’t feel bad. Don’t feel bad at all! It’s an option and your baby still gets the milk they need, and it’s breast milk!! People talk about it being time consuming but personally it seems no different than breastfeeding. It actually gives more freedom with the pump. I hate that I had to move to …