0 Calorie Noodles. The New Waistline Miracle Food?

Yes, you read right. There is such thing as a zero calorie food let alone a food that has the shape and consistency of a gosh darn noodle!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. There was absolutely no way something that unbelievable is true! Just no way, but it is way. It is very way and will help with the less weigh on the scale.

You can put almost anything on a noodle and eat it. The possibilities are endless. Not to mention you can feel full and literally fill yourself up with noodles. I have never tried it but I know I have very much wanted to, and now you can with literally no guilt.

Yeah, right, you say. I said the same thing when I read it. The saying, “If it sounds too good to be true it’s because it usually is” was my first thought.

What is it?

It is called a Shiritaki Noodle which is written as 白滝 (also written in Japanese hiragana as しらたき), and it is made up of yam-like tuber made from Devil’s Tongue. It is a type of yam that they take the Glucomannan starch from, which is extracted from the tubers, mixed with lime, and a bit of water.

They are translucent, and thin and they become a sort of gelatinous consistency. They are a traditional Japanese noodle, and the name translated means “waterfall”, because of their clear appearance.

Sometimes other ingredients like soy are added for flavor.

Why are they 0 calorie?

They are labeled as having 0 calories because they contain no carbohydrates, the glucomannan starch is considered an indigestible dietary fiber. They are perfect for those who are on special diets including gluten-free, and vegans as well. Also, a safe food for anyone who may have a food allergy to ingredients in traditional noodles.

Mind blowing I know.

If they have some added flavor like the addition of soy they may contain a few calories, which still is not bad, not bad at all.

Where can I get these amazing noodles?

There are a few places, one is Thrive Market, if you click this link here, and search Shiritaki noodles you can receive a discount on your first order. They have some of the flavored ones that have about 20 calories as well.

Or you can go to Amazon and get fast two day shipping when you become a Prime Member for 30 days free by signing up here.

Then click the link below if you are already a prime member or after you get your free trial.

I will be getting mine in the mail soon so I will post an update on what I think and the different dishes I make with them.

I will be going straight nuts! I can’t believe it!

Tell me your experience with zero calorie noodles and what kind of dishes you use them with in the comments below!

*I am an Amazon Associate and Thrive member, and this post contains affiliate links. I always endorse and love any product I recommend. I ain’t no BS’er!


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