10 Things You Can Do While Stuck At Home Amidst COVID-19.

Most of us are stuck at home amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. You are either in the same boat as me, where you lost your job, or if you are a lucky duck you received the decision to work from home.

Either way, you are home because your job sent you home, and even if they didn’t, you are home because your kids are off of school, daycares are closed, and granny can’t watch them.

This is a very scary time.

I have been looking for a job, but since a million other Americans are doing the same thing, I can’t be surprised why I haven’t received a call back.

Soooooo, while at home I have been doing a lot of fun, and not so fun things to keep myself from getting full blown cabin fever.

Here are a few I decided to share with the world, maybe they can help.

1. Deep Clean Your House.

Yeah, I know, it’s not really fun, but I tell you what, it was nice to get some of that deep cleaning in that you are usually too exhausted to want to do.

I made a list and took it section by section, area by area, for example this was my list:

House To-Do Stuff

Clean top of fridge
Clean laundry room 
Do all laundry in Saffy’s room
Take stuff to Goodwill
Sell too small clothes to child store
Put together bench 
Organize guest room 
Hang curtains in baby’s room
Put up shelf in laundry room 
Organize cleaning supplies 

Just some little odds and ends that I would usually put off.

Also, I been meaning to sort those old clothes out of my closet that I don’t wear anymore.

2. Organize Paperwork

I don’t know if you are like me but I have paperwork sprawled all over the place, completely disorganized. I pulled it from all over the house and put it into one gigantic mish-mash stack.

Then I organized it.

Do you know what was great? Most of the coupons and stuff I meant to do were over with or expired, so it was a pretty easy organization. You would be surprised, and man what a load off throwing those stacks away were (don’t forget to shred too).

3. Go Hiking.

I don’t know the rules in your area, but hiking is a pretty secluded sport, so don’t worry about that social distancing. The gyms are closed, so if you are looking to get some exercise in and also get some fresh air, hiking is the way to go. Depending where you live, there are most likely some pretty neat trails nearby.

Just don’t forget the pepper spray or taser.

4. Try a New Streaming Service.

In my household, you get to the point where you have watched every movie on Netflix. What we try to do is cancel one for awhile, pick up another, then by the time you watched everything on one, there is a bunch of new crap on the other.

Here is a list of the different fun streaming services.

Netflix: Starting at $8.99/mo – Get a free trial here.
Hulu: Starting $5.99/mo – Get a free trial here.
Tubi: FREE – Click here to watch.
Disney+: Starting at $5.99/mo. Get a free trial here.
Amazon Prime: $12.99/mo, unless a student or EBT holder. Get a free trial here.
HBO Go: $15/mo
Crackle: FREE – Click here to watch.
Sling TV: $30/mo. Get a free trial here.

To name a few, check them out and interchange; it works, I’m telling you.

5. Cook.

Not a good cook? Or maybe you are a great cook? Usually, it’s all hustle and bustle and we don’t have time to make holidayesque dinners every night. Now is the time to put those cooking skills to the test, or make your cooking skills a bit more refined!

The grocery store is still open, so grab a mask, some gloves and run in, grab some fun ingredients and cook your little heart out!

Then host a fun and special family dinner. It’s been fun it really has!

6. Arts and Crafts.

I know the local craft stores are closed, but the internet is always open. Want to pick up a new hobby you been thinking about doing but never had the time to start? Crocheting? Knitting? Adult coloring books? Macaroni necklaces?

The kids will love it too.

Or if you are me, you have the kits in the back of some cabinet, telling yourself you would get the time but never got the chance. Well, here it is…

7. Landscaping And Gardening.

We bought our house a year ago, and have been slowly but surely working on the yard. There is zero landscaping and we just got to a point where we finally had a little extra money to do something with.

That dream was shattered, but that didn’t stop me from taking a shovel and angrily leveling an area, buying some sod and making my kids a gosh damn grass patch.

You could also plant some flowers and make that little garden you wish you could be home to water. Now you are! Get that bi*** started and then once things go back to normal, it will be easier to keep it going.

8. Mail some letters to your friends and family.

Writing doesn’t have to be dead, and you can even have fun with it! Pull those last years, and the years before that, old unused Christmas cards out. Send them out to your friends and family, signing them:

Happy Cabin Fever,
I know it’s definitely been getting to me. 🙂

9. Buy a New Board Game.

We bought a new board game, and decided to sit the family down and do something I don’t think we have done in a long ass time, or ever.

Get off the electronics and have some good ol’ fashioned bonding!

You could even set up a puzzle that’s like a bajillion pieces and slowly work on it when you guys get the itch (only if you don’t have toddlers in the house).

10. Go Through Old Pictures.

Go through your old pictures, organize them into folders, delete the ones you don’t like, and set up some photo albums.

We tend to take a crap load more photo’s than we ever want or need to look at.

Then reminisce with the family of some fun times that everyone forgot.


These are some crazy times for sure, some hard times as well, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to make the best of them. This is that break that many people could only dream of.

Bond as a family, and spend that time with your children, because we all know life is short.

What are you doing while you are stuck at home to entertain yourselves and your kiddo’s?

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