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12 Signs You Are Dating A Mama’s Boy.

Are you dating a mama’s boy? I know I am. My fiance is a mama’s boy. I wouldn’t say he is the creepy kind but he still definitely is one. Are you dating a mama’s boy? Check the list below for the 12 signs you are dating a man that goes beyond the normal mother-son relationship.

1. He can’t survive on his own very well.

He knows how to run the washer and dryer, but doesn’t mean his shirts don’t come out shrunk. Or all his white socks are now somehow pink.

2. He contacts her…a lot.

I mean everyone Facebook’s their family. That’s of course no big deal, but Snapchatting his mom daily is a little extreme. Then when they do talk on the phone they have all these jokes and giggle with each other. 

3. She shows up announced.

Whether it’s to drop off groceries, or she was just in the area. She pops in to make sure everything is going okay with her baby boy. 

4. He’s spoiled.

He is spoiled now, and he always has been. When he is around his mom, he especially acts spoiled and somehow reverts back to adolescence. One step above thumbsucking.

5. He makes comparisons to her.

His mom decorates like this, or his mom was always able to keep her house spotless even while working, and raising kids. His mom worked while pregnant, and then gave birth to a 10 pound him with no issues. Mommy is the greatest.

6. He raids her fridge every time he goes to her house. 

Like a teenager after school, wanting to know what treats mom has cooked or baked. Sometimes he even raids the freezer for some steaks to BBQ at home. And she lets her baby boy have whatever he needs to grow big and strong.

7. He might as well still live at home. 

Because while he sits and plays video games, he expects you to cook, clean, and put his feet up.

8. His mom can do no wrong, and you better not criticize her.

She is the greatest person, did he mention that she gave birth to his 10 pound behind with no problems. Isn’t mom just the best?

9. He runs everything by his mom.

Anything new that happens to him, she is the first to know. You only find out because you eavesdrop on the phone call with his mom.

10. Her opinion matters more than yours.

Even if she tells him the same thing you just told him, he acts as if she has had a eureka moment… “What a great idea mom!” Are you serious???

11. He won’t stand up to her.

Ok, so this category is true 99.9% of the time, but I have seen my fiancé stand up only one time when it was a very, very specific thing and it has been the only time I have ever seen it.

12. He calls his mom the matriarch of the family.

Meaning she is the ultimate boss, she knows it, everyone else knows it, now you better know it. 

Now, I know I said I am engaged to a mama’s boy, and I definitely am, but I absolutely love my mother-in-law. She is a total sweetheart, and I think that having a mama’s boy is also a good thing because he knows how to treat woman with respect. This list is totally true but it’s all in good fun. My fiance is the greatest father to his daughter and step-daughter, and such a romantic.


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