13 Realistic Tips for Making More Time for the Time Crunched Mom.

I know finding time as a mom is just probably the most impossible thing ever. It doesn’t even matter if we think we have some time, it is all an illusion. In that moment we are probably needing to do something that we are procrastinating on or there is a little person knocking on the door while we are sitting on the toilet (my so called alone time).

Here are some tips I have used for myself and some I have found that in theory work, even when it seems like there is no hope sometimes.

1. First Plan it out. 

Look at the schedule of a normal week and figure out where you can make more time. I know, haha, funny… but the tips below might help that a bit.

2. Establish work hours. 

Try to keep work at work if possible. If you can, find a family friendly job, if you work from home, try to set a schedule, if possible. Some days might be more crazy than others but overall it helps.

If you work from home set specific times to get work done.

3. Lists

This is my favorite as a virgo. Like this one you are reading! The problem is after you make the list you have to remember to actually look at it. To-do lists, grocery lists, wishlists, important, and whenever lists.

Even if you are like me and you forget to look at the list, eventually I still do look at the list and it helps to mind dump.

4. Automation and auto-pay. 

When I set-up auto-pay and automation for as much as I could, my life got INSANELY easier. I felt like my brain was going to explode with everything I had to remember and this just helped the brain burning. I felt some anxiety actually leave, no joke.

5. Set up time blocks. 

Between 5-6 is dinner, 7-7:30 is bath, and so on. Leave yourself a little time between. I find that not constricting myself too much also helps, because then I end up doing nothing. I’m like a rebellious teenager, I just can’t…leave…the…couch….

6. Make a cleaning schedule. 

Now I am currently working so hard to actually stick to this, but when I do it really makes things a lot easier. 

Monday – bathrooms
Tuesday – laundry 
Wednesday – kitchen
So on….

Every night is dishes and trash. 

Then you have your monthly and bi-monthly, like bedding and yard. However, you want to do it. 

7. Use paper.

Step away from the screens. This is a distraction and I know I end up going down the social media rabbit hole when I am near a screen. So when I go to paper it’s like the world just opens up and I can see so much more clear. 

Try an old school planner, my favorite is the Moleskin one’s because they have the days on one side, and then just a page that you can dump doodles, notes, chicken scratch, whatever down on.

“In 2013, researchers Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer compared the effectiveness of students taking longhand notes versus typing onto laptops. Their conclusion: the relative slowness of writing by hand demands heavier “mental lifting”, forcing students to summarise rather than to quote verbatim – in turn tending to increase conceptual understanding, application and retention.” [Source]

8. Simplify your life.

“Why make things harder than they need to be.” Usually you hear that quote in some kind of action movie when the bad guys are saying it to the good guy. 

Live by this. You can say NO sometimes and it’s okay.

9. Clutter. 

I know this is a big one for me. Clutter around me in the form of physical “things” actually causes my mind to be more cluttered as well. 

Stuff seems to just collect everywhere, so we started putting dump trays around the house. The trays are cluttered but it actually makes it look like it’s all meant to be there. Then I have my donation dump box, which I really need to empty…..

10. Don’t try to do everything all by yourself.

I recently have been starting my own business, and working on my charity so I have been extremely busy. For the first time in my life I have thought about hiring a maid. I know, technically, we aren’t financially able to do it as a normal thing. But I just need a little help because things have been a little crazy and just got away from me. 

Know when you need help!

11. Prioritize.

Sometimes things can just wait till tomorrow, I mean obviously if it can’t it can’t, but just know when there is too much on your plate. Sometimes you have to reschedule that dentist appointment and it’s not the end of the world. 

12. Everything has a place.

Of course, with little ones and pets this becomes hard, whether it’s my toddler pulling everything out or the lack of closets in my home. Things just don’t always have a place, I am going to do an overhaul and when I do I know it will be so much more zen, because I have done it before and it feels great.

Now if only I can take my own advice.

13. Leftovers. 

We have leftover night in my house, when leftovers stack up after a few days I make a little potluck of the sort. A little from here, a little from there, and sometimes these are my favorite nights. You wouldn’t believe what foods taste good together. Mashed potato burritos are sooo yum.


I know these are a lot of common sense tips, but sometimes just seeing things laid out in front of you helps. I know it does for me. Like I said above, lists… not just for Virgo’s!

These are a few of the things that work for me and maybe they will be some good tips for you too. Let me know and leave a comment below.


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