31 Signs You Might Be Having A 1/3 Life Crisis.

I have recently been having a 1/3 life crisis, I say 1/3 life but actually life is so unsuspecting we have no idea what will happen next.

We all hope we will live till 90, and a midlife crisis is considered to be around 45-50 years old, so let’s just say that this is a 1/3 life crisis based on the above.

So I am having one, and I am having one bad.

I want to buy a new vehicle, and for weeks now I have been going back and forth between the whole mom car, the SUV, or just going ahead and buying myself something a little more snazzy.

I have been asking my friends, my co-workers, my kids, and my fiance what they all think when really I am just trying to get the answer I want to hear out of them — buy the snazzy car.

I have never owned a “nice” car. Actually, before my current Kia Sorento, all I owned were clunkers. My profession has always made it hard to get the car that I wanted, and I have always been stuck overpaying for whatever I could get. I’m pretty old now (I have a serious issue with aging) and I just for once want something really nice.

I have been looking inside myself a lot lately, maybe this blog has something to do with it with the expansion of my mind. I realize, that there are definite 1/3 life crisis’s, and I have become quite the expert on realizing what the signs are. Not to mention that I work with mostly women, and most of them are around the age I am.

I see the signs.

Check the list below to see if you might be in the same boat as I and not even realize.

The Signs.

  1. Your biological clock is ticking in your ears to the point it’s hard to hear much else.
  2. People are wondering why you aren’t married yet, even if you are in a serious relationship.
  3. People you know are starting to get divorced.
  4. Every time you see a baby it hurts. Doesn’t matter if you have 0 kids or 3 kids.
  5. You want a sports car, a convertible, or some kind of luxury vehicle. (They make third-row sports cars, right? Oh, wait, they don’t?!)
  6. But then you find yourself trying to find a vehicle with the best safety ratings, gas mileage, and most cargo space instead.
  7. You start wondering why you didn’t prepare for retirement a long time ago.
  8. No one asks you “what you want to be when you grow up”, because they assume you are doing it. (Well, I’m not!)
  9. You are too old for people to be proud of you.
  10. You realize that you still haven’t figured stuff out in your thirties and that everyone lied to you.
  11. You dwell on old memories, and nostalgia is not a good feeling.
  12. You realize you don’t have any friends anymore because the ones you had are just as busy as you are.
  13. You pay for a gym membership but somehow can’t seem to ever find the energy or time to go.
  14. You can’t drink caffeine late in the day or you will be up all night staring at the TV with bloodshot eyes, wishing for sleep.
  15. You haven’t set foot in a club in years.
  16. When you have a night out for fun, you have no idea what to do, end up at the bar, and realize it’s not that fun at all.
  17. Your kids or the babysitter are teaching you words you don’t know the meaning to. What the heck is “VSCO”, “E-Boy”, or tell me the “tea”?
  18. You don’t understand Snapchat… (The swiping just doesn’t make sense to me, didn’t it use to be how people sent naked pictures??)
  19. You now understand sayings like “time flies”.
  20. You start catching yourself saying, “When I was a kid….”.
  21. Is your metabolism slowing down already or are you just stress eating more sweets?
  22. You can’t do shots anymore because they make you sick.
  23. You find yourself more worried about having a hangover the next day than about getting drunk.
  24. You keep the Costco size Tums in your house at all times, and some in your purse.
  25. You feel like all your dresses and skirts might be too short, and a bit inappropriate for your old age.
  26. You find your first grey hair.
  27. No one is gracefully grey in their thirties and now you must figure out what color you need to dye your hair for the rest of your life.
  28. You start looking into botox.
  29. You use to be annoyed that you got carded but now realize you haven’t been carded in a long time.
  30. You start complaining about how much your knees or back hurts, and just got your 3rd crown.
  31. You would rather stay at home and relax than go out and party.


Yup, if any of these sound like you you are having a 1/3 life crisis. Welcome to the club of adulting, the only club you will ever set foot in again. Wait, we can’t even say that anymore because we were supposed to have been adulting already for years. So much for your thirties being the best years of your life. HA!


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