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Welcome to my journey! If you are struggling or have any questions I am always here. I will respond to every comment and email. I don’t mind ranting or raving, talk my ear off! I dare ya!

Through the stretch marks, being spit-up on, and the gray hairs this is the real. I write blog posts that help with all the real problems of motherhood with the added TMI. From being homeless and addicted, to struggling with an eating disorder, to now diving into parenting and helping others. I like to show the fun and lightheartedness of being mom, or else I’ll cry.

This is the Diary of a Real Mom.

My daughter Aurora. 2 years old being silly.

Name: Alanna.

Location: Too freakin sunny, Arizona.

Hobbies: Training bras, poopy diapers, Blogging.

Age: Unknown, said to be around 26, for more than a few years now.

Kids: Saffron, 11. Aurora, 2. (Not their real names for protection, but on my baby name list)

Favorite Color: Pink, Black.

Saffron first day of 6th grade.

Favorite Book: Watership Down, Celestine Prophecy.

Favorite TV Show: Whatever my kids watch, I’m not allowed.

Why did you decide to start blogging? I would see all these perfect mom blogs and just wonder how I went so wrong. I was far from perfect as these blogs would seem to show. And even if they had problems, they would make them look so glamorous. I created this blog to show that there are all types of moms, with all types of lives, and all types of problems. My yard is far from perfect, my roots are usually grown out, and I don’t always have a full face of makeup. I am a mom, a real mom.

Your biggest personal and professional accomplishments? I have an Associates Degree in General Studies. I was finishing my Bachelors in Communication when I got pregnant with Aurora. During my pregnancy I had hyperemesis gravidarum so I was forced to withdrawal from classes. I decided to change my degree to social work in the future, because they have student loan forgiveness if you do it. Student loans are kicking my ass, so I gotta do what I gotta do. Plus social work is what I plan on doing degree or not, so why not go that extra mile.

I have completed the program at Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, and hope to be a real estate agent eventually.

What’s all this about addiction? I am a recovering heroin and meth addict. I was a meth addict from the ages of 17-22, and a heroin addict from the ages of 21 to 29. I am currently in recovery, but my journey is far from over. I am still struggling and always will, that is why I decided to start writing. I am learning new things, and new ways to cope everyday.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

Albert Camus

You also had an eating disorder? Yes, you saw right. I am also recovering from an eating disorder. Anorexia (not eating anything), a little bulimia (binging/purging) and overexercising. I would starve but if I did eat then I would purge (vomit) it.

While at my worst I didn’t even want to drink water or lick a stamp because of the weight and calories. I would step on the scale about 30x a day. At 18 years old my ED was at its worst, but I have struggled off and on with it still years later. When I wasn’t using I was starving, and vise versa.

I was actually one of those people that was skinnier sober than when I was using. Weird I know. Then I again struggled with anorexia after my second baby. It is something that lives in your mind forever.

After detoxing in jail for a few days, barely able to stand. I believe this was about 2010.

Taking pictures like this to try to be as skinny as possible. This was in the beginning. I don’t have any pictures of my worst, because I refused to take pictures. This was 2006.

Baggy clothes to try and hide it. I did a lot of hiding. This was 2006.

Me getting bad again with my eating disorder after my second baby. Around 2017.

Me sober, fit, and healthy. 2018.

Thanks for reading. If there is anything else you want to know you can email me here.

About Me

About Me


Mom of 2 from Arizona. I live with my girls, fiance, 2 dogs and 1 cat. I have struggled with addiction and now get high on life and motherhood. I'm a crude, rude, crass, lass and see things very different than most. Read More

Alanna Power

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