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Thousands Already Downloaded this App That Teaches Kids About Money and Here’s 11 Reasons Why You Should Too!

I am not affiliated by this brand. It is just something I have used and love.

I recently had my eldest daughter turn 11 and she is starting to want a lot of expensive things. She got a nice phone from her biological father (he pops up once in awhile), and she had one of my old phones that was pretty darn old before that. I told her she better take care of her nice new phone, and of course she dropped it in water. Now, she wants me to buy her a new phone. Story of every parents life, right?

I told her she is going to have to work for it, and to make things organized and easy I came across this app and card for kids. It makes less arguing because they can see the app on their phone and you have your own on your phone that is in full control.

It features:

  1. Education. Helps kids learn about money and experience a little bit of what it will be like to budget money in the future.
  2. Confidence. because they feel in control and grow confident knowing they worked for the money on their own bank card.
  3. Monitor. They can monitor their savings and watch it grow. You pick their interest rate, and pay them interest on their money.
  4. Debit. This is a debit card, not a credit card, so they can earn gifts and money from you or family.
  5. No Fees. No overdraft fees, no surprise fees, kids can only spend the money that you choose.
  6. Choice. You choose where and how they spend their money.
  7. Easy. Parents can instantly transfer money to their card.
  8. Calendar. There is a chores and allowance portion where you can decide on weekly/monthly allowance and what is required each day per week.
  9. Control. You also determine where the money goes whether it’s save, spend, or give!
  10. Chores. There is also a one time chore/task that they can get paid for. Example: Watch your little sister Friday night for 2 hours, $10.
  11. Secure. It’s extremely secure. These people have thought of everything!

If you sign up using my link you start out with $10 free!! Check it out today!

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