Diet & Fitness

Everything to do with getting up and moving. Even though it seems like you are running miles around your toddler every day, that stubborn fat doesn’t want to go. This is all about diet, fitness, and the little tricks I have learned through the years to keep thin even in my 30’s. I mean late 20’s….30’s, heh, not me!

This is for those of us who are exhausted time-crunched moms, and sometimes need a trick or 2, especially since covid we can’t do most things we use to.

0 Calorie Noodles. The New Waistline Miracle Food?

Yes, you read right. There is such thing as a zero calorie food let alone a food that has the shape and consistency of a gosh darn noodle! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. There was absolutely no way something that unbelievable is true! Just no way, but […]


woman licking frosting off finger

Will You Get Fat? Top 11 Reasons People Gain Weight (and it’s not what you think)

Okay, so this is a big debated multi and many times over answered question. This post is not more about what causes you to get fat (which I will add a bit of) but will you get fat and what to look out for. Genetics, genetics, genetics. Is this true? […]


Bowl of oatmeal with fruit.

15 Low Calorie Foods That Keep You Full Longer!

We all wish there was some kind of magic 0 calorie food that would just expand in our stomach and keep us full, but there isn’t. So we have to use what we have. The biggest hurdle in dieting is trying not to feel starved all the time, and keeping […]