Addiction & Health

This section is all about addiction and health. I have struggled with many addictions including but not limited to: food, gambling, drugs, shopping, video games, sex.

If it’s a thing I have probably over-indulged in it.

I have been an IV drug addict for 16 years and struggled with other things in between.

Here I talk about many subjects regarding addiction. like maintenance drugs, detox, pregnancy while addicted, support services, and more.

I also cover health a bit because I find it very interesting. If you don’t have your health you have nothing.

heroin needles in a box

Why Opiate Withdrawal is Unbearable, and the Myth That You Can’t Die From It.

Warning!! Contains graphic content and images! I just want to put this out there that both times I quit cold turkey and when I was also at an accelerated detox I ended up in the hospital. If I didn’t make it to the hospital I would have died. People push […]


To hell and back… my journey with the life-threatening, pregnancy joy killer, Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

These are random writings that I compiled from my experience and journey with HG. I will get to it more asap, but as things are currently, it’s a mess. I will try to add as I find. I needed to get my journey out there though, asap, if anyone is […]