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Anything to do with house and home, whatever that may be. I’m not the perfect mom, and my house is a mess, so this is for those of us who don’t own white rugs. No way in hell.

10 Things You Can Do While Stuck At Home Amidst COVID-19.

Most of us are stuck at home amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. You are either in the same boat as me, where you lost your job, or if you are a lucky duck you received the decision to work from home. Either way, you are home because your job sent you […]


4 Completely Obvious Problems with Minimalism the Documentary.

I had so many issues with this documentary and since yelling at my TV while it was playing wasn’t satisfying enough I decided to post for the world to see. It has been an ongoing battle with wanting to be a minimalist, and failing miserably at it. So here are […]