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Dear Diary, Real Diary Post 1: Landlords, My Non-Profit, and My Curse of Bad Luck.

I decided to start some diary posts because hence my blog’s name! I received some criticism, I guess you could say….constructive, that my name should match my content. Okay, fineee, here you go!

I use to have a ton of these but actually deleted them. Every website that tells you about SEO (finding you in search engines), or talks about being successful as a blog says, “Don’t talk about yourself it’s bad for SEO” or “don’t talk about yourself because no one really gives a flying yuck about what you have to say.”

Well, you know what? They are probably right. BUT this is the Diary of a Real Mom, so I am going to post real day to day stuff in my life. That is how this whole thing started and I actually stopped being as real as I would like! Can you believe that? Me??? I know, don’t internet hang me.

I have to admit, some of these posts will probably blow the minds of some of you because my curse of bad luck is a little ridiculous. I really just have to laugh or I’ll cry. I have come to notice though that when 3 bad things happen, usually 1 pretty good thing happens.

So what is happening with my lately? Let’s see.

Well, as I write this my daughter is jumping in my lap pulling my titty out of my bra slapping my nipple. Probably confused as to why she doesn’t have these enormous balls hanging off her chest. In time my dear, in time.

I am suing my ex-landlord because they have refused to return my security deposit from the last place we rented. Not because we didn’t rightfully deserve it back, they just never returned it. We did everything right, and they broke the law, multiple laws. But we know judges seem to work for the landlords, so I swear if the judge doesn’t order in our favor, I am going to the news. Regular people are not allowed to break the law, but it seems certain groups of people are just above it, like landlords. Not okay.

I am currently working on Mothers 4 Recovery, my non-profit, because I always told myself if I won the lottery I would put it to some serious good. I am not waiting for that day to NEVER come. Screw it, I decided to just go for it. If you have seen me talk about it a lot, and are curious what it is, it’s a non-profit that helps mother fund detox, and fund childcare while in recovery services.

I applied for my 501(c)3 status, and got approved!! There are many steps involved, so if I have been slacking on posts here a bit you now know why.

Also, I am completely redoing the style and shape of Diary of a Real Mom, I am adding a shop! Yeah, so I have a shitload of ideas swirling around in my head. I just want this whole thing to explode, like vomit, but a vomit that covers the internet with awesomeness and somehow helps others. ๐Ÿ˜›

I am going to donate a portion of my profits from Diary of a Real Mom directly to my non-profit and therefore help other moms with the wisdom (and money) from all the bad choices I decided to make in my life.

The fact that I been working so hard on all of the above, housework got a little away from me. My house looks like some home in a dystopian movie, disastrous, like it had been scavaged through by the survivors. So I ended up going on Thumbtack and looking for a house cleaner. Just kind of a one-time thing so I could get it back to where it was manageable again.

The housecleaner straight walked out. Yeah, she said something in spanish, but I am sure it wasn’t good. I never hired one in my life, so I didn’t know I was expected to clear everything off every counter in my home on to the floor. I told her that didn’t seem right to me, who the hell pulls everything off the counters on to the floor, then puts everything back up when the cleaner decides she wants to clean the floors?? Am I crazy for thinking that was ridiculous?

Okay, moms. Thanks so much for reading my rants and raves of everyday life. Let me know if you think this is something worth doing. I want to show that there are mothers out there without the picturesque pastel life that is all over Instagram. Seriously?? How do they dress their kids and themselves perfectly all the time, in pastel everything, with the perfect pastel house, with white carpet. That stays white?!! I haven’t found the secret yet….

Let me know what you think? Have you ever had a house cleaner? Was I being the one that was ridiculous?


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  1. I like this article and hang in there, as they used to say. You have come such a long way, you are inspirational, and keep up the wonderful work you are doing!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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