Deciding to get my boobs and lips done after 2 kids, and my Breast Augmentation Journey.

I’m currently that picturesque mama with the cigarette hanging from her mouth, hair wild. Except it’s an e-cig, and I just killed a whole cartridge in half a day. Orange is the New Black is playing in the background, and yes, I actually got my guy into watching it. So he is the one that turned it on. I just got the baby down for a nap, so I might be able to finish this damn post. Maybe…

I got my BOOBIES done! I went with the high profile, silicone, 480cc, gummy bear, silicone-X, whatever and I love them. I was originally going to get 535cc but at the last second changed to 480cc and I am so mad I did. My friend talked me out of it, saying it would have looked too crazy on my small frame. I had to jump the next size down because that’s how they make the sizes unfortunately.

And the baby is up.

Let’s try to keep going. The doctor told me most people don’t regret going too big, but regret going too small. The thing is, my friend got 600cc and they are HUUUGEEEE. I have a little bit smaller of a bone structure than she does so as per her advice as well, she told me to go smaller. So 480cc here we are, and yes, I regret going too small.

The doctor told me the biggest I could go was 535cc with my first boob job anyways and 480cc was the next size down. Depending on the brand they only make certain sizes. So if you want a very specific size you might not get the look you want. I so badly wished I just went as big as I could have gone the first time.

Also, I received lip injections once before and it was one of the most painful things I have gone through, so I decided to get it done while under the knife.

They have you try on certain sizes under your clothes with a bra on. Remember it will go under muscle in your body so it will look smaller after surgery.

Surgery Day:

My sister is drove me there because I was told to take a Valium the night before and an hour before the appointment. Plus she had to take the kids. My awesome sister that she is, stayed with us for 2 WHOLE WEEKS. I know I am blessed. 🙂 Since you aren’t supposed to lift more than 10 pounds after surgery, having a baby was gonna be hard. They told me no heavy lifting for 4 weeks, but being a mom to a 25 pound 11 month old, that was obviously not going to happen.

So we drive to the doctors office and I’m nervous but it’s not too bad, guess the valium is working. Ha! We get there and it’s really nice. Love this place. Make sure you pick a doctor you really connect with. I saw about 4 different ones before I picked. I picked the mid range price, but it also happened to be the doctor and office staff I liked the most. Make sure you like the staff too, they work alongside the doctor and you see them more than the actual doctor.

So the nurse gets my IV, which I am in shock about. She was glorious. I mean she got the spot that the hospital has to use an ultrasound machine to get.

They start fluids, and I get the text from my sister that she is home safely with the kids. She doesn’t have her license so thats a relief. The anesthesiologist comes in and checks me out. This particular place doesn’t use a tube down your throat, they use something that just rests in your mouth. Pretty amazing technology they have these days. He says he is going to give me something in my IV to calm me.

Then that’s all I remember…..

Fuzzy, it’s all fuzzy. I’m slowly waking up. I don’t know where I am for a few seconds, and then I realize. I look down and see the black surgical bra and white strap across my chest (which I have to wear the first 24 hours). It’s over and I officially have my dream boobs. My first thought when I run my hand across them is I went too small…

I wake up with pressure, not the insane pressure that people talk about, but just the feeling of something under my skin. It’s not painful as maybe slightly sore. I’m guessing the pain meds in surgery haven’t quite worn off yet. I feel my chest, then I go up to my lips and feel my face. They put some of the Restalyn in my lips and in my laugh lines (which I despise, screw laughing!). My face and lips are sore, ok good. Back to sleep I go, as they tell me they called my mom, who is driving me home from the doctor. I doze off.

For some reason when I am in a vulnerable state, I crave smoothies. I ask my mom in my daze to take me to Jamba Juice. My mouth is dry and I am on my way home. I hardly remember the rest. All I know is moving is hard, but I am too out of it to really notice.

The doctor tells me that the muscle relaxers will probably help more than the pain pills, and they were right. You are just so tight, more than in pain. So I get my muscle relaxers and pain pills every few hours and I pretty much sleep the first day away from everything wearing off. It was awesome. 😀 Obviously, being numb is one of my favorite things.

They also have gauze on your incisions. I chose underneath because no doctor wanted to do my size through armpit, plus higher downtime, more pain, higher risk of infection in armpit.

Day 2:

I am still in a blur, and sitting up was horrible pain. I mean it’s not a constant pain so its easier to handle. I had to have help to be pulled up, and had trouble sitting down and going to the bathroom hurt. Trying to move from side to side was a task, and you are constantly pulled into a hunched over mode. The muscles are just so tight. TMI, I was told by others that had their boobs done that wiping their butt was a task. I actually didn’t go #2 for 9 days after the surgery. So yeah, never was an issue for me.

Oh, and another thing they don’t tell you is that your stomach BLOATS. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant for about 5 days. I couldn’t believe how fat I got. Honestly, my mind played tricks on me. I thought, “Was I always this fat, and now I finally noticed it?” I really did.

Also, your nipples feel like they have carpet burn, or breastfeeding thrashing. I couldn’t touch my nipples to anything because they were so raw feeling. There are also certain parts of your boobs that are completely numb from some nerves being cut. Some of the feeling is suppose to come back but not completely.

Back to the doctors office for day 2 check-up, the white strap you now only wear at nights, and massage, massage, massage. It hurt so bad, I just couldn’t massage, and I was still kind of out of it so I slept a lot. Day 2 was just another blur.

Day 3:

Probably the worst pain of all the days, I was just so sore. I think it seemed like the worst because I was the most coherent. The pills weren’t as intense and the after effects of the anesthesia had wore off completely. Goodbye numbness, hello life. Wahh… 🙁

I couldn’t drive! This was a big one, you feel like your pecs and arms are just dead. You don’t even realize what you have to use your pecs for. I couldn’t pick up the diaper bag, I couldn’t open the car door, I had someone put my seatbelt over me, and put it behind my back. My fiancé loved taking care of me! He likes when I’m helpless (so he knows I’m not getting into trouble ;P).

This is where the after surgery depression kicked in. I’m wearing this tight surgical bra, and my boobs look tiny. I feel I went wayyyy too small considering last minute I switched to a smaller size. I feverishly scoured the internet for other people who felt the same, what they did, and the possibility, if any, they would magically grow in the upcoming weeks.

The muscles were, it turns out, very tight still and were pushing everything against me, and up. I really think just the shock of having surgery and a big change to your body, causes depression. The office actually had me sign a paper that stated depression was a side effect. People online actually have a name for it “the boobie blues”. So, as best as I could, I tried to push it out of my head, while asking my fiancé and sister multiple times a day if they were “big”. LOL!

“Are you sure it looks like I have big boobs?” They kept telling me to look at my before pictures, and that definitely helped.

Day 4 to 2 weeks:

So this is where things just started to scoot along. I couldn’t lift anything and my 26 pound baby was losing it. I didn’t think it would be this bad, but I knew she would only get bigger and I needed to get it done as soon as I could. The most you are suppose to lift for 4 weeks is 10 pounds. So for 2 weeks I didn’t lift her, My sister stayed with me for 2 weeks, but my baby needed me so we would set her in my lap while I was sitting down so I could cuddle and rock her. There were times we just had to take her for a drive to get her to nap, because she was just so upset of why mommy wasn’t carrying her around. We figured it out though.

On Day 7, I went to the doctor for my one week check-up. Everything looked great, the only thing was I hadn’t pooped in 7 days, and the nurse told me a few things I hadn’t tried. The pills and the surgery just messed me up. I told the doctor that they were too small, I wanted to go bigger. He told me just to worry about healing and we would discuss it later. Fineeeee….. but I want it now!

Then massage, massage, massage. He did a maneuver in the exam room, and I swear my eyes started watering. It hurt like heck. It was more of a sore feeling and someone touching you than like feeling the drill at the dentist because you aren’t numbed enough. It was tolerable but I couldn’t wait for him to stop.

I clenched my hands against the chair and squeezed my eyes shut while he pushed them together and moved them around. Ouch!

At the end of the 2 weeks, I sent my sister back to her life. I had my eldest daughter on summer break so in the morning I would call her into my room to help carry bubbies downstairs. I made it work. Also, lifting with my knee’s and throwing my baby’s weight over my shoulders helped a lot. Everything I could do to keep from using my pec muscles.

I still couldn’t drive, I could rest my arms on the steering wheel, but turning it was the issue. It was like someone punched me in my pec muscle and I had dead arms. I just didn’t have the strength, so I didn’t drive because if I needed to act fast I wouldn’t have been able to.

3 weeks:

At the end of 3 weeks, I just lifted the baby when I absolutely needed to. My girlfriend, who had hers done, just told me to do what feels okay. It felt okay, just a tiny bit sore. I was having a breakdown of not being able to fully care for my bubs. Things got way easier though, and I was driving again. Pretty much fully self-sufficient except for lifting heavy bags of groceries.

This is my boobs about 3 weeks. They are still really high up.

4 weeks and on:

My boobs are huge! I don’t know what I was depressed about!? After they started to soften up a bit which they call the “drop and fluff” I was relieved I dropped a size at the last minute. I’m tall, but I am pretty slender, so any bigger I may have looked ridiculous. They almost looked ridiculous at this point! Which I would rather have then being too small. So glad the doctor told me to relax and focus on healing.

I don’t have to wear the nightly white strap across them anymore.

Massage, massage, massage, and they just look awesome. I am so happy I went with the size I did, and they feel like a real boobs! People have this idea in their head that fake boobs have this hard feel to them, but this is 2018! Not 1978! They feel amazing, and my fiancé just loves them! I love them! Everyone loves them!

7 Weeks On:

I am at over 7 weeks now and I just love them. Did I mention that? The doctor said I will have my final result at around 3 months, and even a change at a year, and I swear after every massage they get softer and softer. They bounce, jiggle, and flop all over the place, just like real boobs! The doctor actually asked me if I wanted to do a lift at the same time of the augmentation, but personally I wanted the more natural sag. It looked disgusting with my deflated skin sacks that were before, but now it’s just perfect!

5 Months:

I made an appointment because I had no issues with my left tit, but my right tit continued to have shooting pains. The doctor told me that was something that I would just have to live with. It was either from the healing, and if it didn’t eventually go away, and was too much the only option was to take them out. I was like that’s ok I can live with it. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t having any complications.

1 Year:

I am updating at 1 year because my boobs are even softer now than before. I have to admit I didn’t really massage as much as I should. It’s crazy because at the 1 year mark they just completely softened!

There is no more pain at all, and they feel completely natural. The only issue is I am too use to them now and they seem too small, but I have more important things to worry about like liposuction, rhinoplasty, and fat transfer before I get another augmentation.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything! I am open to any question!


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