Duchess of Cambridge Did Not Have Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

I actually saw this again recently and it just really makes me mad. I posted that I did not agree she had HG, and was told that doctors do not easily diagnose it by someone on Instagram.

Not true. Not true at all.

I remember making the excuse of why I couldn’t open my eyes, move my head, go anywhere, or even shower to others and they would tell me “oh, yeah, I had HG. I still had to work. I didn’t like to puke so I just stopped myself.”


I’m curious how you can work vomiting 25-30x a day? How can you work when you can’t even keep down water? I’m curious how you can even drive to work since the dehydration makes your vertigo so bad you can hardly stand up straight? I’m wondering how you can work when you can’t shower because you don’t even have the strength to stand up for 10 seconds or even able to lift your arms to wash or brush your hair? Yes, I love throwing up blood, feeling like I’m dying, and possibly losing my baby.

Just curious…. but I didn’t even have the strength to argue with people. I honestly was embarrassed of having HG. I didn’t understand why my pregnancies were so miserable. Was I just dramatic? Were others as sick as me but just sucked it up?

People still try to tell me that there are different extremes….no there are not different extremes. HG is not extreme morning sickness, it is not morning sickness at all. If you actually have HG there is no label of extreme needed, HG is already extreme all by itself. The difference between morning sickness and HG is everything. It goes from extreme (or just HG) to deadly for mom and baby, and it happens quick.

Regular women that get morning sickness are usually sick through the first trimester. They usually throw up in the morning and maybe another time through-out the day. They may be nauseous on and off through the day and keep some crackers on hand. They might even feel the need to stay in bed some days because the nausea and fatigue is a little much. THAT IS NOT HG. You can still be fatigued and nauseous that an IV (especially if you are rich) can help you feel loads better.

An IV can make anyone feel better….

I have my other article on my experience, so I won’t go completely into it here, but I couldn’t even have the phone ring, a dog bark, or smell anything without vomiting bile. Water made me throw up, moving my head made me throw up, even thinking about something (the most random things) would make me throw up. I was so nauseous I couldn’t move. I was so weak I couldn’t even bathe. I vomited blood, vomiting about 25-30x a day before I got my medication where they needed to be. Then it went down to 5x a day average, to then 3-5x a day in my last month or so.

My teeth were crumbling out of my head from the vomiting, the pain was horrific. I had to go to the dentist pregnant because my one tooth was so infected and when I vomited the acid made my nerve go haywire. I ended up puking on him, and he could only do half a root canal. He was so freaked out by my sickness and the fact I couldn’t stop shaking violently from my panic (dentist phobia) he said he couldn’t finish. Luckily, it was enough to let the infection drain and I had it pulled after I had my baby. It was the most horrendous experience of my life, I had to run from his office only to puke my brains out non-stop all the way home and the rest of the night.

Just looking at the Duchess of Cambridge, I just can’t imagine that she was that sick. You literally get PTSD from the experience, and she was publically glowing with her multiple pregnancies.

Morning sickness that plagued duchess doesn’t usually recur.

That’s interesting considering I am in plenty of HG support groups and almost 90% of women had HG in all their pregnancies. I had it in both of mine, and I know some women that were so sick they will very possibly die if they try to have another.

This isn’t a joke, or something you claim you have. 1 in 3 babies die from HG in the mother during pregnancy. I have seen multiple women die from HG, more than should have because of ignorant asshole doctors and horrendous medical care. I, included, had the worst medical care. I was treated as a joke, and that I was making myself vomit…told to eat crackers….and b vitamins.

I couldn’t keep down water yet I was supposed to take b vitamins…. It wasn’t until I passed out in my doctor’s office I was taken even partially serious, and I had to switch doctors 3x. I hardly went to an OB/GYN, I was at the hospital so much they became my baby doctor.

Maybe I am just sour, because I would love to have more children but not being able to work or do much of anything for 9 months makes it impossible at the moment, especially with 2 other kids to take care of. I guess I am still sour about the fact that I looked like a walking corpse, that if I was able to go out people would literally ask me “if I was ok”. At 16 weeks pregnant, all my bones were showing from the weight loss and severe dehydration. You could literally see my butt bones.

I didn’t even look pregnant until I was 8 months. My pregnancy glow was the deep sunken in purple under my eyes that no amount of makeup could cover.

So yes, please tell me again how she had HG?


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