Everything You Need To Know About the Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing.

I decided to get another piercing…on my face. I have so much going on around my mouth and nose, I wanted something elsewhere.

Plus, with all this mask wearing no one gets to see any of my piercings anymore, I also wanted something to even out my face.

I can’t get my nipples (which I do want) but I have to work (I’m a stripper if you didn’t know), and if I get those I am taking the chance that I may turn off some customers that aren’t into that. Not to mention I would have to get one at a time, because of work and the healing process. People aren’t supposed to grab open piercings, and I heard people say that when they hit it and it felt like their soul leaving their body. LOL.

There is no way I will be able to stop my nipples from getting hit at work.

Soooo, I was running out of spots.

I didn’t want the typical vertical eyebrow piercing. I think of lesbians when I think of this piercing, and it just would not look good on my face. Before anyone jumps down my throat, no, I have nothing against lesbians. I, myself, am a demisexual, but stereotypes exist, and they exist for a reason. I have danced for many lesbians and many have had eyebrow piercings.

Okay, so let’s jump right in!

Placement –

If you go on Google and search horizontal eyebrow piercing they are going to be in a different spot than mine. I mean you can pretty much put it wherever you want; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no wrong place for a surface piercing!! (All eyebrow piercings are surface piercings, too, by the way.)

I had posted about my eyebrow piercing in a piercing group and I ended up getting completely attacked by those that were obviously ill informed of piercings.

I had a huge brow bone in the spot that you would do the typical place you see. That’s just the way my skull is shaped. I have had issues with rejection in the past, with my belly button and my wrist piercings so I was really paranoid.

If you put a surface piercing in a high movement spot, or on a bone it has a higher chance of rejection.

Pain –

I was nervous, because I have never done anything in this area, and read online some people saying it hurt. I had a upper cheek dermal, twice, but that is a dermal and not a piercing. I have had so many piercings but the unknown still freaks me out.

She went to do it, I prepared myself.

I was like, “that wasn’t so bad!”

She’s goes, “I’m not through yet hold on.”

I have really thick ass skin, so it’s normal for piercings to take a second longer for me.

She finally got it through. I asked her, “Is it through?”


“That wasn’t so bad.” I laughed.

I honestly barely felt it, I mean plucking my eyebrow hairs hurts worse…no joke. But then again I have never had a piercing that really hurt besides my BELLY BUTTON. That is/was my most painful piercing ever!!! But I still got it 4x, going on 5x soon. I had to take it out when it got infected from all the baths I was taking related to the detox pain.

This was a 1/10 on the pain scale.

And I consider myself to have an average pain tolerance, but then again I don’t know. Labor was nothing, my sister even got mad at me because I had a particularly painful contraction and I went “oof”. She goes, “OOF?? Are you kidding me?”

Other –

It bled a whole shit ton, it was going down my face. People tried to say if it bled that much the piercer did it wrong.

That is true for the tongue, but if you ever took any sort of Human Anatomy or Biology class, you would know that there are capillaries and ventricles throughout the entire epidermis, or your flesh would fall off… My belly button was pouring too.

Healing –

The first week I tried so hard not to hit it in my sleep, but I would roll on to it and it would wake me for a second so I would switch positions.

I have snagged it a few times as well, just forgetting it was there.

I used sea salt spray and I would spray it on once a day the first 2 weeks.

YES, you can over-clean piercings.

This irritates them and if they get irritated your body will realize there is a giant splinter in it and try to push it out. You want your body to notice your piercing as little as possible.

It was swollen for about a week and a half, I got a little bruise, and a tiny black eye for about a week too.

Now, since it’s been a month and a half, I have changed my habits (like with almost any piercing) to make attempts to not snag it. Like being careful when I take my shirt off, not having my toddler hit it, etc.. I mostly hit it in my sleep but not as much as at first.

Surface piercings can take like 8 months to fully heal, some never truly heal, like wrists, but for the most part, it’s pretty good now.

I absolutely adore it, and the uniqueness; I would recommend it to anyone that is thinking about getting it.



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