10 Best Gifts For the Mom-to-Be in Your Life on Valentine’s Day or Any Day.

We all know Valentine’s Day when you are pregnant is a little different from the normal. You don’t feel romantic, or sexy. You have this growing belly and are just so tired creating this human being from scratch.

Regardless of how you know that expecting mother, they could always use some kind of pick-me-up, a little TLC. Whether it’s baby number 1 or baby number 5, here are 10 best gifts for the mom-to-be on Valentine’s Day or any day!

1. Labor and Delivery Kit – $30

Yeah, we all know that the expecting mother could put all these things into a little kit herself. But personally, sometimes having a nice little organized kit makes all the difference. I had a ton of bags I could have taken to the hospital with me but my guy bought me a special hospital bag just for the occasion. That meant so much to me, and so would getting this cute little kit.

Click here for Labor and Delivery Kit.

2. Bump Box – Monthly Subscription (cancel anytime)

It doesn’t matter what trimester they are in, this site has it all. They call them Bump Boxes and they are these little gift boxes that include goodies for every trimester. This is one of my go-to gifts for that mom to be. Pregnancy is an exhausting time, and a pamper subscription box with all kinds of little goodies is fun no matter what the occasion.

They also have no harsh chemicals so your mom-to-be doesn’t have to worry about her bundle of joy.

Click here for the Bump Boxes.

3. Mom-to-be Bangle Bracelet – $13.99

This one speaks for itself. Literally. You are a mom to be and every woman loves sterling silver bangles; they go with every outfit! Now let her let everyone else know too!

Click here for the bangle bracelet.

4. Hospital Socks – $10

These cute little socks are better than the weird socks they give everyone in the hospital that don’t make you feel the prettiest of pretty. Or even just around the house, all moms love letting everyone know that they have one on the way.

Click here for Mom-to-be socks.

5. Sonogram Photo Frame – $10

The sonogram pictures are one of the most amazing things to a mom-to-be, no matter if it’s the 1st or 5th baby. This picture show’s a little window into what your baby will look like. Of course, they keep one in their purse, but they can always pick one of the favorites to keep in the adorable little frame.

Click here for the sonogram frame.

6. Big Fat Pregnancy Activity Book – $12.33

Pregnancy can be a long drawn out, boring, waiting game. Sometimes you are just so tired and braindead you don’t know what to do with yourself. This book can help that.

Click here for the pregnancy activity book.

7. Mom Gift Box – $45

As I said before pregnancy is one of the roughest times a mom can go through. They suck you dry from inside-out. Pampering is something that you just can’t get enough of. This set has it all and is also good for any mom, anytime.

Click here for the anytime mom pampering set.

8. Pregnancy Journal – $17

It’s so nice to be able to go back and look at all the little things that you forget later. With pregnancy brain (a totally real thing) you pretty much forget everything and won’t even realize you forgot it. This little journal helps with that.

Click here for the pregnancy journal.

9. Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy and Beyond Book – $10

I could write one of these books easy, but someone else beat me to it. Plus, it has the best title because believe me there is a lottttt of shit no one tells you. Especially, since most seem to talk about their perfect little pregnancies.

Click here for the shit no one tells book.

10. Maternity Robe – $23-$40

I found these and this is one of the items I so badly wanted for the hospital and so badly wish I had got! It’s comfy because the hospital gowns are scratchy. These are super cute because you don’t feel cute at all since you are pretty much wearing a diaper. Plus, you feel like a real human being! This is definitely one of those things I would have gone back and got. Next time for sure. 😉

Click here for maternity robes.

Good luck on your search and I hope this helps. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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