Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gift Idea’s for Girls Ages 10-13.

I have an 11-year-old girl and asked her everything that she and girls her age want. When I looked up gifts for this age group it seems between 10 and 13 they want the same items as well.

Probably one of the hardest groups to shop for because they aren’t quite teenagers but want to be, and are still childish.

It depends on the girl, but my daughter is an all-around 11-year old that likes fashion to Lol Dolls, so this list should give you some ideas.

1. Lights – $10 – $20

Anything that has to do with lights was #1 on the list this year for Christmas in this group.

Click here for curtain light with remote.

I also was told about the color-changing light bulbs which I ended up getting my daughter.

Click here for color changing light bulbs.

2. Apple Air Pods – $145

So, this may be out of the budget but my daughter’s uncle got her these after she got honor roll and ended up only having one cavity at the dentist. I would have never been able to, but if it’s in the budget for you it will definitely be a showstopper.

Also, you would be surprised how well she takes care of them… I thought they would’ve been lost in a week, nope, she guards them with her life!

Click here for Apple Air Pods.

If that is a little outside your budget there are plenty of other options available, even one’s that look just like legit Air Pods. Check it out:

Click here for Bluetooth Wireless Ear Pods.

3. Fujifilm Insta Camera – $55

This has been on the list for this group for years now and never ceases to lose popularity. I even have one but the Polaroid version, they are so fun and so cute! It’s all about friends at this age, so what is better than instant pictures?

Click here for Fujifilm Insta Camera.

Or you can get the cute old-school looking Polaroid version for $80, which is what I have and love!

Click here for Polaroid Instant Camera.

4. James Charles or Jefferee Star Make-up Palette – $10 – $50

The price of the palette depends on the size, but at this age, they don’t need the large ones unless they are seeing makeup artist in their future. I got my daughter the mini James Charles palette. She asked for the Shane Dawson/Jefferee Star Collaboration one but it was sold out in 1 hour, so that wasn’t happening, but Jefferee Star makes regular palettes as well.

Click here for James Charles Palette.

If once again those are out of your budget or you just don’t see spending more on your 11 year old’s makeup than you spend on your own(this was hard for me…I’m def borrowing), then there are plenty of more budget-friendly options.

Click here for the eyeshadow palette.

5. Go-Pro for Kids – $38

Kids these days like to record everything they do, and since GoPro’s are a lot, they make this really cute version for kids (or tweens). It looks just like the real deal too, so no one will be the wiser.

Click here for Kid’s Action Camera.

6. Slime, Slime, and more SLIME! – $15 – $20

My daughter has been very much into slime for years now, and the slime gets icky after a while so she is always up for new slime and slime making kits.

Click here for Slime Kits.

7. Lighted Mirror – $28

My daughter doesn’t wear makeup out and about or to school but she likes to play around with it at home, she is very creative and into art. So I don’t mind getting her mirrors and fun makeup, but once again, she is too young to go out with it. If this sounds like your tween they will definitely love a nice little light up mirror.

Click here for the lighted mirror.

8. Clothes!!! – $10 – $20

They love their clothes at this age, and anything hippy-like, bohemian, and colorful seems to be the in thing at this age. Stuff like this below, which I won’t lie I have one too. 😉 Pretty much anything tie-dye is on the list.

Click here for tie-dye hoodie.

9. Lol Balls – $10

They may pretend they are all grown and not into toys anymore, but they are. My daughter enjoys these cute little toys because she can get away with playing with them because they aren’t just toys but “kawaii” collectibles.

Click here for LoL Ball.

10. Pura Vida – $5 – $25

They are a VSCO (type of girl, I don’t quite get it) girl brand and very popular with this age group, I even have a few pieces I bought. They are fair trade, not expensive, and have cute dainty jewelry. You can’t go wrong with anything from the site or a gift card if you are still worried about what to get (such a damn picky age).

Click here to visit Pura Vida.

11. Gift Cards – $Any

If you just are unsure, or you don’t know the girl well enough, gift cards will never fail. Especially Apple store gift cards, Roblox gift cards (very popular game with tweens), or any store gift card.


That’s it for now, and I hoped I helped with one of the hardest age groups to shop for. Good luck, and I mean that this age group is scary.

I am an Amazon associate and may receive compensation on some items. I love everything I endorse, I ain’t no BS’er!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
XOXO Alanna


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