Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Best Gifts Under $25.

I tried to find gifts on this list for every single kind of person in your life, from kids to husbands, from sister-in-laws to mother-in-law. I hope if you don’t find something on the list you like, that I spark an idea for those that seem so hard to shop for.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

1. S’mores Maker – $18

I love this gift so much that I almost want to buy it for myself. S’mores are so damn good, who doesn’t love s’mores, and now you can have them anytime, fire or no fire. Especially no fire.

Click Here for s’mores maker.

2. Funny Coasters – $17

This is another item I just loved and if I had a nice enough coffee table to feel the need to use coasters I would get these. You know what, I might just make people use them anyway because they are so funny.

Click here for Funny Coasters

3. Yeti Small Rambler – $25

Lot’s of people are into Yeti these days, and going name brand is always a show stopper Christmas morning. You can get the small Yeti Rambler for less than $25, or you can always upgrade to the larger version for $5 more.

Click here for Yeti Rambler.

4. Movie Night – $22

Now, this is a gift that almost anyone would use. We all like to wrap in a blanket on the couch with a bowl of popcorn while watching our favorite streaming service. This is a cute little gift set that makes it just that much more fun.

Click here to get the Movie Night set.

5. Moon Light – $16

I have one of these and it’s currently sitting on my desk. I just think it’s great honestly. My sister got it for me last year, it changes colors and it adds the nicest ambiance to a room or desk. A great gift when you just don’t know what else to get, because no one could say they didn’t like it.

Click here to get the moon light.

6. Wine Condoms – $14

Know a wine drinker that has it all, wine-related? (My sister) Bet they don’t have this though! Wine condoms, little disposable wine seals that you can take anywhere and seal your wine on the go. Never again lose a bottle’s freshness and flavor from a lack of a plug. Great for all occasions and funny too!

Click here for the Wine Condoms.

7. Essential Oil Bracelet – $16

I have one of these as well (I am one of those people that is impossible to shop for) because I got it as a gift. I am a nervous wreck so being able to sniff my bracelet when anxiety creeps in, and smell a little calming essential oil is soothing. Not to mention how fashionable it is.

Click here for essential oil bracelet.

8. Tactical Multi-tool Pen – $19

EDC (everyday carry) is a big fad with guys everywhere lately. It’s these little tool gadgets that they carry around in their pockets. Usually, they include a lot of a little multi-tools, but can also be good for the car for any gender as it has a pen and a window breaker.

Click here for the Tactical Pen.

9. Unicorn Gifts – $11

Unicorn is the fad lately, it just blew up. So for the little girl that you know, you can’t go wrong with Unicorn anything, and these gifts are nicely priced.

Click here for the Unicorn Gifts.

10. Monopoly – $10

Everyone loves to play board games with the family, and this is a nice twist on the classic board game. If you know someone that likes to cheat, or just likes playing games, this gives the game a little twist that can make anyone flicker some interest in.

Click here for Monopoly Cheaters.

11. Water Bottle – $20

For the cat lover, because let’s be frank, no one drinks enough water anymore and I’m sure the cat lover in your life could use the push too.

Click here for Cat Water Bottle.

12. EDC Multi-tool Kit – $18

Another EDC gift for the man in your life. If there is someone you know that is all about EDC or is just starting, this is a well-priced kit that is perfect for every guy that likes to use his hands.

Click here for EDC Multi-tool Kit

13. Reversible Umbrella – $15

Sometimes being against the norm can be cute and fun. Know someone who lives somewhere windy or maybe you live where it blows like crazy? You don’t have to worry about your umbrella going inside-out anymore, because that’s how it’s supposed to go!

Click here for Reversible Umbrella.

14. Bicycle Lights – $16

Everyone has at least one person they know that takes cycling to the next level. This is not only fun and pretty, but it also helps with safety in less than ideal light conditions, with a colorful twist.

Click here for Bicycle Lights.

15. Toy Drawing Mat – $24

A place where kids are allowed to write all over, instead of the walls. What more could a parent or kid ask for?

Click here for the Toy Drawing Mat.

16. Complete Beard Kit – $20

For the guy in your life that keeps a beard or occasionally shaves it. This is the kit for every type of man (unless they can’t grow facial hair at all).

Click here for Complete Beard Kit

17. Escape Room in a Box – $21

Escape rooms in recent years have really boomed. Sometimes though, you just can’t always get the whole family out of the house, so this brings the escape room home, You can play with the family on a budget or for the family that is obsessed with escape rooms, it is bound to be fun for every type of person.

Click here for Escape Room in a Box.

18. Salt Lamp – $17

If you know someone that doesn’t already have a salt lamp, then they are crazy and you need to get them one! These are great for ambiance, and to occasionally lick, I just can’t help myself!

Click here for Salt Lamp.

19. Pretty Mug w/ Spoon – $20

You can never have too many mugs (my fiance would think otherwise)! This is the perfect gift for that girlie girl in your life, or for the woman you know that you just aren’t sure what gift to get them. It’s perdy.

Click here for Pretty Mug w/ Spoon.

20. Grilled Cheese Maker – $20

I love grilled cheese, who doesn’t love grilled cheese? They even have fancy grilled cheese food trucks that drive around and all they do is serve fancy grilled cheese. Well, now you can bring that lucky person fancy grilled cheese at home! Yay for them!

Click here for Grilled Cheese Maker.

21. Relaxing Table Fountain – $25

Work is stressful, anytime you are at a desk it’s stressful. This can bring relaxation to any small area. This is bound to be a showstopper because it’s cute and fun to set-up as well.

Click here for Relaxing Table Fountain.

22. Homesick Scented Candle – $25

Know someone that can’t get home for the holidays this year but is still a little homesick? This is the perfect gift, it comes in the scents of most states to remind that person of home while they are away from home. They also have mini versions for $11 here, if that is more in your budget.

Click here for Homesick Scented Candle.

23. Tea Drops – $10

This is for the tea drinker that you know. Or maybe you know someone who wishes they were a tea drinker but don’t seem to find the time. These little Tea Drops have the tea and sweetener all in one. Just drop it in a perdy mug and you are good to go!

Click here for Tea Drops.

24. Burts Bee’s Gift Set – $10

I love this little set because Burts Bee’s is kind of pricey. You get a whole bunch of stuff in a cute little package. On top of that, it’s a screaming deal so you look like you spent a lot but no one is the wiser….unless they find this page or they look up the item. Oh well.

Click here for Burts Bee’s Gift Set.

25. Wooden Engraved Music Box – $12

This is a gorgeous little gift, anything that is engraved and plays old-fashioned style music box music is just lovey-dovey as hell. Not to mention the cute little loving message inside, perfect for the mother, sister, wife, or aunt in your life. Really anyone!

Click here for Wooden Engraved Music Box.


I hope you enjoyed my list. I will be making more lists that are more geared to specific groups. I know Christmas is creeping up, but the blog is new, so hopefully, I can have as many lists as possible to make everyone’s lives easier by next year. Check back always for fun, crazy, crass, updates.

I am an Amazon associate and may receive compensation on some items. I love any products I endorse, I ain’t no BS’er!

Let me know if this list helped at all and let me know if you ended up buying a gift, how it went down Christmas morning in the comments!

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