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Manly Man Jerky Gift Box – Review

I received this epic gift box for the man in your life, or anyone for that matter that is a meat eater. Notice in the above picture that the bags are all bone dry empty? Yeah, the entire family necked that shit!

It is (was) from the Manly Man Co.! Check out their website!

Manly Man Co.
Manly Man Co.

I have to say I let my fiance open the box as soon as we got it. He opened it and was just over the moon with the types and amount of jerky! (Our dogs were begging at our feet….lol!)

They weren’t lying!

My guy is a meat-eater, a social drinker, and a jerky lover so he was stoked to try them all. They have combined fun manly flavors like whiskey, and draft ale, with traditional BBQ mesquite, on to the jerky.   

We both had fun trying them together as well. It was a fun bonding experience, going through the jerky, and trying the different flavors together. Not to mention it was tender and extremely good quality jerky.

Here were the flavors and brands included in the gift box.

1. Carnivore Candy (love this name!) – Whiskey Straight – 6/10
Review: Whiskey flavor isn’t stong if that is what you want, but it was sweet, it had a punch but with a lightly sweet brown sugar underlying taste.

2. Carnivore Candy – Draft Ale – 8/10
This one didn’t taste too much like beer but it was still an interesting flavor and we had no trouble enjoying it. The way it was a dry rub really made the jerky consistency just melt in your mouth.

3. Carnivore Candy – BBQ Mesquite – 9/10
Interesting texture, sweet with an ending hint of spice. We loved this one.

4. Carnivore Candy – Old Fashioned Maple – 5/10
Too sweet for both of us, but if you are a morning bacon with your pancakes kind of person, you will most likely love this. It was a bacon jerky.

5. Meat Heads – Pizza – 9/10
You definitely get a kick of pizza in that first bite. I don’t know about you but i’m never sick of pizza. Also, pepperoni as a jerky made a fun touch.

6. Manly Man Co. Flower Trimmings – Original – 9/10
This is more a flat jerky, interesting but very moist. I loved this flavor on their original. We enjoyed every bite. They also pack the bag, most companies skimp on their jerky, not Manly Man Co.!

7. Manly Man Co. Flower Trimmings – Teriyaki – 8/10
More traditional teriyaki flavor and texture, a good solid beef jerky.

8. Manly Man Co. Flower Trimmings – Hot – 10/10
My guy is a spicy food lover, and he said this one was by far his favorite. Just the right amount of spicy that gives that kick but also makes it enjoyable to eat. (I hate spicy food and this was not too hot for me as well!)

All in all it was an above and beyond experience. The Carnivore Candy brand even comes with a little flosser in it which we thought was a nice touch!

I will definitely be looking into gifts from Manly Man Co. for every man in my life in the future. I’m not just saying that, me and my fiance had a blast with this gift box!

I highly recommend this the men in your life for every holiday or occasion.

Check them out on social media as well, they are an awesome company.

Check out the Manly Man Co. Instagram!

And the Manly Man Co. Facebook Page!


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  • Great Gift Idea
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  • Amazing Quality

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