Memorial of Loved Ones Lost By Addiction

46 people die everyday related to opioid and prescription painkillers. The statistics are so high, that most people know someone close to them that has been effected by this epidemic.

I want to create this memorial to keep the memory of those lost too soon, out there. I want to show the vast proportion of people effected by this horrible epidemic, and that it’s not just the users but everyone close to them as well. 

If you have a loved one you would like to include on this page go to my contact page or send me an email. Include their name, a little about them, their story, a picture, along with your name.

Loved One's Lost By Addiction

Robert Power – My Father

Died of alcoholism related causes, heart attack. 

He was father to Alanna Power (blog owner), adopted father to Ashlee Carter-Power, ex-husband to Bonita Power, brother to Carrie, John, Daniel, and Brian,  Uncle to many, son to Sally Power, and William Power, and grandfather to Saffron and Aurora. 

He started his life owning his own carpet and flooring business. Later becoming a nurse and enjoying helping others. 

He would amaze everyone and was considered the most intelligent person by anyone that met him, answering every single question on Jeopardy.

He lost his brother in an accident involving a police officer when he was 18 and that is when the drinking started to take hold. 

He was an amazing loving father and grandfather and will missed more than words can explain.