4 Completely Obvious Problems with Minimalism the Documentary.

I had so many issues with this documentary and since yelling at my TV while it was playing wasn’t satisfying enough I decided to post for the world to see.

It has been an ongoing battle with wanting to be a minimalist, and failing miserably at it. So here are a few of the issues.

1. Black Friday.

They start by making fun of Black Friday shoppers. I’m sorry but I don’t think they have any right to make fun of them. They must not know what it’s like to not be able to afford something nice except for one day of the year. They want to down people buying TV’s as they make money off the consumer, watching them…on their TV. They have their documentary on Netflix… most likely you watch Netflix with a TV with a bought or shared Netflix account.

The hypocrisy starts there.

The TV I’m watching it on is a 47 inch flat screen that I got from a pawn shop on Black Friday 5 years ago. It was used and no one realized that pawn shops do their own Black Fridays. I went to the regular store but still couldn’t afford the Black Friday prices. So I took my $40 off $100 coupon for my local pawn shop, went on Black Friday and ended up getting my TV for $120. Yeah, it’s not 4K but it was nice then years ago, and until it burns out or dies I see no reason to get a new one. But when I do, I will go back to the pawn shop on Black Friday. And get an almost brand new TV for 1/3 of the Black Friday price. Not everyone knows how to be frugal like moi, and I don’t feel they should be downed for it.

I cook at home so I got a nice Tubberware set and a good quality pan set on BF because guess what? I make leftovers go far and a good pan makes all the difference.

2. Tiny House.

That’s just great. I would LOVE a tiny house. I would love any house!!! They act as if this saves you money. Ok, so is this documentary for only the people that can choose. Because given the FREE choice right now I would pick a tiny house. But to those of us who aren’t loaded, we can’t make that choice.

We are stuck in a tiny apartment the size of your tiny house with a family of 4. Not by choice…. Hoping to god we get our deposit back from some shady landlord because that $700 is all we got to keep going after this place. Also please let me know how you keep 2 kids and 2 adults in that one room home. Oh yeah, I still have yet to see one.   So, I ended up seeing a couple with two small children in an RV. That is 2 small children, I’m sure some people can make it work, but just wait until they are teenagers.

3. Clothes.

I guess I can agree on this one. I don’t keep up with fashion, I dress how I want and I have things in my closet that I’ve had for probably 12 years or longer. Some of my clothes get too many holes that I have to throw them out because it’s beyond the even holiest look. I actually had a pair of boots that I loved so much and just didn’t see the need to buy new ones (or the money) so I put cigarette boxes wedged in the bottom so the ground didn’t ruin my socks. Good thing we don’t get much rain. When the cig boxes started falling through I had to throw them out. It’s actually depressing for me when I have to make a new buy. My Minnetonka moccasins are falling apart and I have to get a new pair… bye $60.

They also say that rice and beans cost more than used clothing. They obviously have never bought rice, beans, or used clothing. I live for thrift shops, but that $5 shirt, and $8 pants adds up. Sometimes I can find cheaper clothes at the clearance rack at Ross!! So that was the ignorant statement of the year.

Well, when you have to drive your clothes to the laundry mat and have to work out a babysitter in order to go. And a baby goes through an average of 3 outfits a day you are gonna need more. Ugh this docu angers me!

The pregnant woman in the documentary also asks her friends for maternity clothes she needs. But what if you don’t have friends… oh and you also want your friends to be prepared and have things so you don’t need to. That has a name…. a user.

4. Toys.

Yes, they really went there. All I have to say is I rather my daughter expand her imagination with her 20 monster high dolls then sit on 1 tablet like a zombie…. Thank you for spending so much marketing toys. We need to keep our children’s imaginations alive!! Instead of sitting and staring at an electronic babysitter!!!!


I’ve been homeless. I’ve been poor. I’ve never been middle class. I’ve never been wealthy and then went and decided to be homeless or minimal. So I guess I will only know  what they are saying when I’m loaded and then choose to pretend to live as if I’m poor. I don’t see them living in a backpack and donating all their money to charity….

In the end the documentary makes me a little sick to my stomach, only because it has a “better than thou” kind of attitude.

I mean, I’m not saying go watch it because I enjoyed it but bad or good sometimes things are just educational and interesting. So if you want to take a look at the documentary you can watch it on Netflix if you have a membership here. Or if you don’t have Netflix you can download and watch on Amazon here.

Tell me what you think about it in the comments. Do you agree or disagree with me?


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