The Shop (Only a Mother Could Love)

Welcome to The Shop (Only a Mother Could Love), this is the new shop for Diary of a Real Mom.

I hope you enjoy my products and if you have any ideas for new products or need any support feel free to contact me here.

The shop is run through Shopify so it is 100% secure, I never receive any of your personal info. Don’t worry, I totally get it.

More products coming soon!

A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the non-profit Mothers 4 Recovery, a charity that helps mothers fund detox and to help fund childcare expenses while in recovery services. Find out more about Mothers 4 Recovery here.

About Me

About Me


Mom of 2 from Arizona. I live with my girls, fiance, 2 dogs and 1 cat. I have struggled with addiction and now get high on life and motherhood. I'm a crude, rude, crass, lass and see things very different than most. Read More

Alanna Power

Blog News

1/3/2020 - Happy New Year everyone! New Year, new fun! Check out my new online shop, The Shop (Only a Mother Could Love).

12/28/2019 - Welcome, my first guest poster Anita Fernandez.

12/18/2019 - Continuing work on my memoir.

12/9/2019 - Mothers 4 Recovery has been approved for 501(c)3 status!

11/14/2019 - Working on my non-profit, Mothers 4 Recovery, which helps mothers with detox and childcare while they are in recovery services.

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