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The Ultimate Guide of 101+ Freebies for Expecting, and New Moms!

You get a freebie, and you get a freebie, and you get a freebie!

Who doesn’t love free 99? I know I do!

The bad news: Being a mom is pricey these days. Everything adds up, diapers, formula, wipes, etc.

The good news: A bunch of companies offer freebies for pregnant, new moms, and parents. Yay!

So here is the promised list, the BIGGEST list online of all the many freebies that I have tirelessly scoured the internet for! Not everything on this list is 100% free, some come with strings attached, like canceling after the trial, or shipping costs, but they are still a hell of a good deal.

Save this list for future reference, just in case you get pregnant again (god forbid).

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Registry/Welcome Boxes:

1. Amazon

If you are a Prime member and sign up for the Amazon baby registry from my link you will get a Welcome Box and a bunch of other discounts. For example, you earn 15% off for completing registry, 20% off diaper subscriptions, and return items up to 90 days for free.

Once you spend $10 off your registry, can be you or anyone else, they will send you the Welcome Box. It has some good stuff, well worth it.

Click the banner below or click here.

2. Target

When you create a registry at Target (Tarjay) then you will receive an awesome welcome kit with goodies and a bunch of coupons, usually including a free Starbucks. Plus, when you make baby returns from your shower you don’t need a receipt.

4. Gerber Welcome Baby Box

When you sign up for their welcome box you will receive coupons and free products as well as special deals in your email periodically.

5. Buy Buy Baby

Create a Buy Buy Baby registry and you will receive a welcome box similar to the ones above with freebies, coupons, and an instant 20% off coupon. Woo!

6. Walmart

Walmart has their own baby registry welcome box, so why not collect them all! Check out their website here to sign up for the registry. It comes with all kinds of samples, and coupons and is always changing.

7. Baby Box Co.

This has been a big thing in Finland and has lowered infant deaths because of it there. Check out their free classes to receive your baby box, at It supposably comes with some freebies inside of it, and then after you can have baby sleep inside on the go.

8. The Noobie Box

 The Noobie Box is a free pregnancy gift box that comes with free samples of all the things needed once the baby comes, including wipes, pacifiers, coupons and more.

You just have to pay $6.95 for shipping.

Baby Products:

9. Motherhood Maternity

Sign up for the Motherhood Maternity Perks Program, and receive coupons and up to $1,500 in free offers. Motherhood Maternity has partnerships with multiple companies including but not limited to Shutterfly, Enfamil, and Buy Buy Baby.

10. Heinz Baby

Sign up for Heinz baby to receive samples, coupons, and information about new products.

11. Nature’s One

You can receive a full-size Nature’s One product by just paying shipping of $5.95 by clicking here.

12. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Just email INFO@BLAIREX.COM requesting freebies.

13. Mondial Industries/Playtex

Call 1 (800) 843-6430 to receive some free diaper genie refill coupons.

14. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is awesome, and it is plant based supplies without toxic chemicals. Click here to join, and receive coupons, samples, and find out about new products before anyone else.

15. Johnson & Johnson

Call 1-800-526-3967 and ask for coupons and special offers from them.

16. Pacifiers

Some baby’s favorite item is their binky. Also, it can be mommy’s favorite item when she can get some much needed quiet.

Now, what’s more fun than making one look however you want?

Check out Custom Pacifiers, a company that lets you, what do you know, customize pacifiers. They have all kinds of designs, you just pay the shipping by using promo code “DIARY1”.

17. Sports Baby Gear

Are you a sports fan? Or is your hubby? Or get the perfect baby shower gift for that sports-loving family. Use my promo code “DIARY1” at to get $35 off sports related baby stuff, just pay shipping.


18. Enfamil

Enfamil is one of the top formula brands and when you sign up for the Enfamil Family beginnings you get over $400 in coupons along with a chance to win free formula for a year!

19. Similac

Join the Strong Moms Rewards Program and they will send you free formula samples, goodies, coupons and periodically send formula coupons for $5 off and more, that you can use literally anywhere.

20. Store brand formula

Go to this website to print off a $5 off any store brand formula coupon. Remember to use the back button to get another, and use another browser to print multiples.


21. Honest Company

This one has some of those strings I stated before. You sign up for the Free Trials and will receive a bunch of freebies like diapers while paying $5.95 for shipping. Make sure to do as many trials as possible to make the shipping worth it. Then you need to make sure you cancel the trials before they charge you.

22. Seventh Generation Diapers

The Seventh Generation Diaper Club will send you a pack of size 3 diapers, a package of wipes, and a Grove brand lip balm for just the cost of shipping which is $5.95.

23. Pampers

Pampers has its own rewards program for many diaper freebies, click here to join. When you purchase diapers with Pampers they then turn into rewards that you can trade-in with the program.

24. Huggies

Huggies has its own reward program as well. So when you buy diapers you can turn them into points and cash those in for coupons, gift cards, and more.

Breast Pumps

25. Free Breast Pump

You now get a free breast pump thanks to the ACA, and you can go to to see if you qualify. Check out my article 7 Ways to Master Becoming an Exclusive Breast Pumping Mom for more on pumps.

26. WIC

Women, Infants, and Children is a government agency that helps mothers with free essentials for children under 5 and expecting moms that qualify. They also rent out breast pumps. Check out the WIC website for more information.

Family Memberships

27. Amazon Family

Try 30 days FREE of Amazon Family. You will receive free 2-day shipping on many products, exclusive family deals, streaming service, and coupons; plus 20% off diaper subscriptions and much more.

28. Amazon Prime.

You can try Amazon Prime here for 30 days FREE.

If you are Medicaid or EBT cardholder you can sign up for Amazon Prime here for only $5.99 month! But make sure to get your free 30 days first above.

29. IKEA

This program is good for everyone and anyone. The Ikea Family Member program gets you deals around the store and in the restaurant including free coffee, and more. Plus they send you coupons and upcoming events like the smorgasbord.


30. Gymboree

Funny thing is I thought Gymboree was classes before I knew they had clothes, haha. Most people think it’s the other way around. You can try a free class by going to and signing up, plus receive a 20% off coupon. I wonder which came first…. hmmm…

31. Kindermusik

Kindermusik is a childhood learning and music program for ages newborn to 7 years old. You can sign up on their website to receive your free class, and they are super chill about everything.


32. Parents Magazine

Free for a whole year! That’s right, no more looking at the best shampoo or who wore it best. It’s time for poop colors, and spit-up. Get Parents Magazine for free for a whole damn year! That’s pretty good!


33. Amazon Kindle Books

Get a bunch of free Kindle books, including children’s books for you Kindle by clicking this link here.

34. Baby Animals Book

This requires some canceling, but you will receive a free book upon signing up and just paying shipping for $1. It’s called World Book New Explorers and you can get a couple of other books as well, just make sure to cancel your membership by 3 weeks by calling 1-888-215-4327.

35. Baby Einstein

These aren’t quite free but they are a good deal. If you order a couple of books you get some free. It comes in a bundle for $5.95, and you get 4 hardboard books, one soft squishy book, then a ring of flashcards.

It is another monthly book club so after you get your initial gift set with the trial here, make sure to cancel to avoid being charged by calling 1-800-353-3140.

36. Dr. Seuss Books

This is similar to the above deal, but for Dr. Seuss books. You join the Dr. Seuss book club, get a welcome gift, 4 books, a sticker sheet, and a workbook for $4.99. Make sure to cancel before you get charged though by calling 1-800-353-3140.

37. Board Books

You can get 5 board books from and use the promo code “DIARY1“. You have to pay $13.99 for shipping, which is obviously hiked up, but 5 books for $13.99 isn’t bad at all.

38. Imagination Library

You can receive some free books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (if it is available in your area). Your child will receive a free book every month until age 5!

39. World Book Junior Explorers

Get two free books from World Book Junior Explorers. This is a learning book club for kids. It is a book club so don’t forget to cancel after you receive your free gift.


40. Disney Movie Club

Join the Disney Movie Club, and get your initial gift of 4 movies for $1.00, plus FREE shipping. The promotion for this is always changing. Then make sure to cancel by calling 1-800-362-4587 if you want to before you get charged for membership because it is a movie club.

41. Disney+

Get a FREE trial of Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service. If you sign up you can get a free month of Disney+ to try out. After that, it’s only $6.99 a month.

We got it the day it came out, and love it. They have all Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies, including all the animated movies from the vault. If you haven’t checked it out yet and you have older kiddos, this is a must-try!

Infant Gear:

42. Carseat Cover

Use my promo code “DIARY1” at and you will receive a FREE car seat canopy cover and just pay $14.99 shipping. It is of nice material and even though you pay for it in shipping it is still worth it.

43. Baby Sling

Seven Baby is another one of the deals. Use the promo code “DIARY1” to get the baby sling for FREE then pay $12.99 for shipping. The sling is made up of 97% cotton, 3% Lycra and holds up to 35 pounds, it is actually nicely made. So this deal is not bad, not bad at all.

Clothes and Shoes:

44. Hats

Receive a FREE faux fur hat that is very soft and comfy not to mention warm. Just use the promo code “DIARY1” and get an hat free this winter, just pay to ship.

45. Ruffle Buns

I ordered these because you can never have enough diaper covers especially in Arizona where it’s so hot you can’t put much else on baby. Use my promo code “DIARY1” at to get about 3 FREE butt ruffles, then just pay shipping.

46. Shoes

You can never have too many baby shoes because they don’t take up a lot of space and they are just so darn cute!

Little Wanderers, is a baby shoe company and you can snag a FREE cute pair of shoes using promo code “DIARY1” and just paying shipping like the others above.

47. Baby Leggings

Get 5 pairs of these little baby leg warmers/leggings! They are very cute, come in all kinds of prints, including your favorite sports team, and this is not such a bad deal at all. Use my promo code “DIARY1” at to receive 5 FREE baby leg warmers for the cost of shipping which is only $14.99.

48. Onesies

Nothing is more fun than putting onesies with funny sayings on your baby.

With Custom Snappies, you can use the promo code “DIARY1” and receive 2 FREE onesies that you can customize yourself, then just pay shipping.

The sizes range from Newborn to 18 months.

49. Hooded Towel

Nothing is cuter than a baby running through the house naked using their hooded towel as a cape. Then when they are smaller, these are good because a baby’s head is the largest percentage of their body mass causing them to lose the most heat from their heads.

Problem solved. Get your FREE adorable hooded towel from by using the promo code “DIARY1” and then just paying shipping.

Breastfeeding Gear:

50. Medela

Get Medela free samples, products, coupons and more with the Medela Mom’s Room. Plus it includes support for all kinds of breastfeeding questions and issues.

51. Nursing Cover

Another one of the same deals, go to, pay the $14.99 for shipping, use the promo code “DIARY1“, and you get a FREE nursing cover!

It’s 100% cotton and has the little scoop window, so you can see down at baby while they nurse. I actually used this cover everywhere and absolutely loved it! The way the neckline is shaped it makes it great for airflow for baby in hot climates as well as easily seeing baby or your pump

52. Breast Pads

Here comes another, but breast pads. Go to to get 5 sets of breast pads for the cost of FREE but you pay the $14.99 for shipping. Just use my promo code “DIARY1″.

53. Nursing Pillow

Considering how expensive other nursing pillows are this is a good deal. You pay shipping but go to, put the promo code of DIARY1, pay the $14.99 shipping and viola, a comfy new nursing pillow!

Expecting Mother Gear:

54. Belly Bands

These are great, I used them to put over my pants and I actually used them after my pregnancy to make it look like I am wearing 2 layers when I’m not because in 118 degree days you can’t wear 2 shirts.

While you’re pregnant it helps with support of your belly, plus if you can’t button your pants it will cover the zipper area. Go to and use the promo code “DIARY1” to save $40 off, that’s like getting 2 free bands. Then you pay only $14.99 for shipping. So it’s like $8 per band, which isn’t bad at all.

55. Morning Sickness Bands

These are cute little wristbands called Milk Bands for expecting mothers who have MILD morning sickness. You can customize it in any color you want, and get 2 FREE by using the promo code “DIARY1”, just pay shipping of $13.95.

56. Pregnancy Journal

Even though the first year or so is one giant blur of coffee and exhaustion, if you can find a moment to write down milestones, it’s great to look at later. Try to fill a journal with special moments; get one free when you sign up for ScholarShare here.

57. Pregnancy Pillow

This isn’t quite free but decided to throw it on the list. These are lifesavers when you are pregnant and no position is comfortable. Then it’s bad enough you can’t sleep from all the aches and pains, plus dragon heartburn. Every woman deserves a pregnancy pillow so get one at greatly discounted when you use the promo code “DIARY1“, and just pay $19.95 shipping.

It turns out to be about the cost of competing pregnancy pillows, but with this one, you get more custom colors and options.

Free Stuff Locally:

58. Facebook Groups

You can look up free Facebook groups that give away stuff locally to those in need, for example: Buy Nothing Project group. It’s free, you just have to pay it forward once you don’t need it anymore.

Also, you can look at Facebook Marketplace for free stuff being given away all over towns near you.

59. Craiglist

There is a free category on Just look up your city, go into the classifieds and find the free category, people are getting rid of all kinds of stuff all the time.

60. Nextdoor:

Go to to check out your neighborhood, and not only find out what is going on near you but also check out garage sales and tons of free stuff that is listed by your neighbors.


61. Shutterfly

If you go to then you can get 50 4×6 photos of you, your baby, or your family for FREE! Enter the promo code YUR49S at check out, pay shipping, and you got pictures to give to every grandparent, aunt, uncle, whoever asks.


62. PinchMe

PinchMe is a site that actually sends you free samples to try and then they want your opinion after the fact. I have actually received a few good samples so yeah, it wasn’t a scam. Score on some real free stuff!

63. Grove

If you love all-natural household supplies including brands like Mrs. Meyer’s then Grove is for you. I absolutely love this site, they have their own brand as well as carrying some of the best natural brands out there.

Use my special link to get a Mrs. Meyer’s set absolutely FREE.

Freebies for Parents of Multiples:

*All require you send proof like birth certificates and letter unless otherwise stated.

64. Associated Hygienic Products
3400 Rivergreen Court
Suite 600
Duluth, GA 30096

65. Audio Therapy Innovations
ATTN: Baby Go To Sleep Center
PO Box 550
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

66. American Baby
Basket Gift Headquarters
PO Box 734
New York, NY 10113-0734

67. Kids II INC.
Attn: Consumer Services Department/Multiple Birth Program
555 North Point Center East
Suite 600
Alpharetta, GA 30022

68. Beechnut
1 (800) 523-6633
*No proof needed, just call and ask to enroll in the multiples program.

69. Nestle GoodStart/Gerber
800 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
1 (800) 242-5200
*Do not need proof just call and ask to be enrolled in the multiples program.

70. Mondial Industries
600 Mondial Pkwy
Streetsboro, OH 44241

71. Playtex Products
20 Troy Road
Whittany, NJ 07981

72. Sassy
1 (800) 323-6336
*No proof needed, just call and request to enroll in the multiples program.

73. Mead Johnson
Public Affais
2404 Pennsylvania St
Evansville, IN 47721

74. Gerber
Multiple Birth Program
445 State Street
Freemont, MI 49413
*No proof needed, but may send more items with proof.

75. Proctor & Gamble
Pampers Multiple Birth Program
PO Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201
*Send proof in writing or call 1 (800) 543-0480 and they will send coupons.

76. Learning Curve Brands
Attn:Multiple Birth Program
2021 9th Street SE
Dyersville, IA 52040

77. Little Me Multiple Birth Program
112 W 34th St
Sute 1000
New York, NY 10120

78. Earth’s Best
1 (800) 442-4221
*No proof needed, just call and ask for multiples program.

79. Nestle Infant Nutrition
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703
*Send proof for free case of formula

80. RC2 The First Year
100 Technology Center Dr
Suite 2A
Stoughton, MA 02072
*Proof required, and required to write a letter.

81. Evenflo, Co.
Attn: Multiple Birth Program
1801 Commerce Dr
Piqua, OH 45356

82. The Proctor & Gamble Company
Luvs Multiple Birth Program
PO ox 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

83. Luvs
1 (888) NO-LEAKS
*No proof required, ask about multiples program.

84. Michael Hass
PO Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

85. Kimberly Clark Corp
Attn Department SPTM-18
Multiple Birth Program
PO Box 2020
Neenah, WI 54954

86. Little Tikes
Attn Contribution Committee
2180 Barlow Road
PO Box 2277
Hudson, OH 44236-0877

87. Expanscience Laboratories DBA – Mustela
1537 Waukegan Rd
Waukegan, IL 60085

88. Little Me
PO Box 172
Cumberland, MD 21502

89. Seventh Generation
1 (800) 456-1191
*No multiples program but if you call the number and let them know they will send you products.

90. Sassy
(616) 243-0767
*No proof needed, just call and ask about multiples program.

91. Children’s Place
Attn: Customer Service
915 Secaucus Rd
Secaucus, NJ 07094

92. Leap Frog Main Office
640 Hollis Street
Suite 100
Emeryville, CA 94608-1071

93. Proctor & Gamble Company
Pampers Multiple Birth Offer
PO Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

94. PBM Products LLC
Parent’s Choice
ATTN: Debbie Burdyck
204 N Main Street
Gordonsville, VA 22942

95. Nature’s Goodness
1 (800) USA-BABY
*No proof needed, just call the number above and ask about multiples program.

96. Evenflo
Attn: Multiple Birth Program
1801 Commerce Drive
Piqua, OH 45356

97. Evenflo Products
Multiple Birth Program
1000 Evenflo Drive
Canton, GA 30114

98. Johnson & Johnson
199 Grandview Road
Skillman, NJ 08558

99. Summer Infant Products
33 Meeting St
Cumberland, RI 02864

100. International Playtex
700 Fairfield Ave
PO Box 10064
Stamford, CT 06904

I’m adding more all the time and will send out those updates as I get them!



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