Dodge Challenger Camper Life

First Things First: Getting My Trailer Hitch and Trailer Wiring Set-Up – Buying a Tiny Camper.

First off, I am doing ‘camper life’, which is like “van life” but I have a Dodge Challenger and don’t want a van (really I mean can’t afford a van).

I want to list a few things also of why I am doing part-time “van life/camper life/on the road life” and not full-time “camper life”.

  • I have a 12-year-old that wants to go to real school to see her friends in person (now that school has started full-time again).
  • My 12 year old would never live in a van with me and her step-dad.
  • I have a sister and friends that I enjoy seeing on a regular basis.
  • Me and my fiance own our home. We worked our ass off to get it, barely got it, and there is just no way we could sell it. We have a pretty low mortgage (comparably) that we would never get again.
  • My fiance is a plumber meaning he showers daily, even multiple times a day at times (for everyone’s sake).
  • He is a plumber and has a work van, and would not be allowed to drive it to follow the “van life” van.
  • We have a very wild rambunctious toddler (my genetics).
  • I am 5’10, and my fiance is 6’3. Not being able to ever stand up, and crouching more than the average person, would kill our necks and backs (one of the things they don’t tell you about van life).

So that is why I am only doing it part-time. I can do it when the itch is just too strong; when adventure is calling and I must go.

On a side note, in February I bought a 2018 Dodge Challenger during my 1/3 life crisis. I guess you could say this ‘camper life’ thing is also a 1/3 life crisis as well. LoL!

I cannot get a van. I have looked, I have tried, it’s not affordable for me. The ones that are affordable are tiny dumpster fires, and it’s just another insurance nightmare and clunker I have to deal with (since I can’t afford a super nice van).

Check out my 1/3 life crisis article here.

THEREFORE, I have decided to do my own little spin on things. My Dodge Challenger can tow 1500 pounds, which is about the weight of a small little teardrop/stand-up camper.

I have found some retro vintage beaten up little campers on Offerup just begging for me to buy them and fix them up (slowly but surely).

I love this little guy, and it’s under the 1500 pounds. Plus, I’ll make sure to use the most light weight materials I can find.

But first things first, I got the trailer hitch for the 2018 Dodge Challenger.

I was all pumped up watching the Youtube how-to video. I’m like, “I can do this!” Then I watched it again, once I got the hitch delivered and realized that in the video they show the car on a raise…. Plus, I have to take apart the exhaust pipes and move all this stuff!


I lost some of my motivation…

I don’t wanna ruin the nicest car I have ever owned. I have worked on my clunkers, but it was no big deal, key word CLUNKER. This is an actual nice vehicle and I still owe like $20k on it! So yeah, not trying to have the exhaust system fall off while driving!

I been calling around and I am just hoping that I can find some sort of shop that will install the hitch and trailer lighting harness, etc. for less than an arm and a leg. Maybe just a finger?

I can’t even go pick up my clunker camper trailer because I can’t get something so simple as a hitch on my car. How am I gonna fix up a little camper then??

Stay tuned for the next step on my Dodge Challenger Camper Life journey.

I think I might copyright that. Hmm….


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  1. Douglas Robertson

    One of my regrets in life was NOT buying a mid-sized RV, one that has two seats up front, a decent kitchen and a nice double bed in the back. And a decent bath/shower, cuz after years of traveling/living in the back of a pickup w/shell. I’m a nomad at heart and I loved the freedom of just being a leader to move around seemlessly basically an invisible vagabond.

    Alanna, towing weight behind a car is rough. I’ve seen many a wreck in a canyon , usually around tight curves, and it’s quite humbling to poke thru the wreckage wondering if they survived and were able to walk away. I like your car, don’t trash it!

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