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Ultimate Guide to What All Those Online Mommy Abbreviations Mean?

We see all these abbreviations and if you are first time mom, or just a mom that hasn’t been involved in the online mommy presence, this list is for you.

Sometimes, you jump in the middle of a mommy war and just get confused on what they are all saying and fighting about. Well, now with this guide you will be the expert and can jump in like you been at it for years.

I’m going to break down what each abbreviation means, so save this page and anytime you aren’t quite sure you can use this as a guide.

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The Guide in Alphabetical Order:

AC – Assisted conception
AF – Auntie Flow – period
AI – Artificial insemination
AIH – Artificial insemination with your husband’s sperm
AIO – All-in-one – meaning all in one diaper
AP – Attachment parenting
ART – Assisted reproductive technology
BB – Bulletin board
BBT – Basal body temperature – to determine conception, or period
BC – Birth control, Because, or Before children
BD – Baby dancing – having sex for conception
BF – Breastfeeding
BFN – Big fat negative – on a pregnancy test
BFP – Big fat positive – on a pregnancy test
BIL – Brother In Law
BLW – Baby Led Weaning
BM – Breast milk or bowel movement
BUMP – This keeps the post top of the list.
BW – Blood week (period)
CC – Controlled crying – a method of sleep training.
CD – Cloth diaper
CF – Cervical Fluid
Circ – Circumcision
CIO – Cry it out – another sleep training method of letting baby self-soothe
CM – Cervical mucus
CS – C-section
CVSs – Chorionic villus sampling – a test to determine genetic abnormalities
DA – Dairy allergy
DC – Dear child or daycare
DD – Dear daughter
DF – Dear fiance
DFTN – Down for the night
DH – Dear husband
DI – Donor insemination
DM or PM – Direct Message (Personal Message)
DP – Dear partner
DPO – Days past ovulation
DS – Dear son
DSD – Dear step daughter
DSS – Dear step son
DTD – Do the deed (sex)
DuH – Dumb husband
DWT – Daily Wake Time
DXP – Dear ex partner, for those who get along with their ex
EBF – Exclusively breastfeeding
EBM – Expressed breast milk
EDD – Estimated due date – or date of delivery
EN – Extended nursing
EP – Ectopic pregnancy
EP – Also Exclusively Pumping
ER – Egg retrieval
ERF – Extended rear facing
ET – Embryo transfer
F or Follow or Following – meaning they want to know answer to original post, but don’t have anything to add
FF – Formula feeding
FIL – Father in Law
FS – Food stamps
FT – Full time
FTM – First time mom
GD – Gestational diabetes
GF – Gluten-free
GOAT – meaning they have read all previous comments before commenting
HPT – Home pregnancy test
HTH – Hope this helps
IC – Incompetent cervix
IMHO – In my humble opinion
IMO – In my opinion
ISO – In search of
IUI – Intrauterine insemination
IVF – In vitro fertilization
LAM – Lactational amenorrhea method – amenorrhea meaning no menstruation, (using this to not getting pregnant during this time)
LLL – La Leche League
LO – Little one
LP – Luteal phase
MC – Miscarriage
MIL – Mother-in-law
ML – Maternity leave
MM – Mother’s milk
MOTN – Middle of the night
MS – Morning sickness
NAK – Nursing at keyboard
NB – Newborn
NFP – Natural family planning – or the rhythm method – using your cycle
NMS – Not my style
NIP – Nursing in public
NTNP – Not trying/not preventing
O – Ovulation
OH – Other half
OP – Original poster
OPK – Ovulation predictor kit
OT – Off topic
OWT – Old wives tale
PFA – Pic for attention (to make your post more noticable)
PG – Pregnant
PM or DM – Personal Message (send me a PM) – Direct Message
POAS – Pee on a stick
POF – Premature ovarian failure
PP – Postpartum, or previous poster
PT – Potty training
PUPD – Pick up put down – sleep method
SAHM – Stay at home mom
SB – Stillbirth
SD – Sperm Donor
SIL – Sister in law
SO – Significant other (what I use :P)
STTN – Sleep through the night
SW – Starting weight
TIA – Thanks in advance
TTC – Trying to conceive
TW – Traditional Weaning
US or U/S – Ultrasound
VBAC – Vaginal birth after cesarean
WAHM – Work at home mom
WOHM – Work out of home mom
WM – Working mom

If I missed any please let me know in the comments below. For fun, try to make the most logical sentence using the most abbreviations. 😀


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