Why Being a Mom is Worth over $160,000 a Year, IF We Were Paid.

How much is a stay at home mom worth IF they were paid for everything they do?

Salary.com, a website that determines salary for multiple jobs and positions, used their Salary Wizard tool and claimed stay at home mom’s are worth over $162,000 in 2018. Which is an increase of $5,000 from 2017.

“Putting a price tag on a priceless job is hard to do but we gave it a shot anyway.” claimed Salary.com.

They were definitely right about that.

Obviously, no stay at home mom does it for the paycheck nor do they receive one; we do it for the kiddo’s.

If us moms were to receive compensation for our work though, we would be making as much as lawyers, doctors, and CEO’s.


Salary.com came to the conclusion by polling thousands of different moms in a Mother’s Day poll. They asked all the mom’s the tasks they dedicate their time to, and it ranged from chauffeur service to psychologist to maid. Not surprising.

It’s also not just the obvious jobs anymore either, like dishes, butt wiping, lawn, and laundry; party planning rose in recent years by 25%. (Falling down a Pinterest hole anyone?)

You can actually find out for fun what your time is worth depending on what you dedicate your time to, how many kids you have, etc. Check out the Mom Salary Calculator here to customize what your individual paycheck would be.

The jobs that seemed to take up the most time across the board were cooking at 14 hours a week, driving at 9 hours per week, and childcare at 40 hours per week. Then those miscellaneous tasks like wiping boogers, or swinging our kids in circles for the 100th time equaled a massive 40 hours per week.

In the end, all the work with no pay is worth it when your children grow into amazing adults and decide not to stick you in a nursing home.

Just kidding.

There is no price on the love a mother has for her children and we would give the world to them no matter how much it costs us.

Do you agree that a mother’s work is never done and do you think Salary.com got it right?


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